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Ezoic Ads

April 6, 2023

By enabling placement service, default set of placeholders (identified by the prefix "gen_") will be generated and become active on your domain with the default configuration.

You can apply rules for where ads can be inserted onto a page based on the template and options configured.

Use “Exclusion Filters” to specify areas in which ads should not be inserted. There are two types:
1. Automatic Filters are specific to your site’s layout and will easily let you pick an element on the current page where you do not want ads to be displayed.

2. Manual Filters allow you to specify a tag name, ID, and/or a class. If the insertion engine encounters any/all of your filter criteria, it will not try to insert ads inside those areas.

These filters are especially useful for lists, horizontal rules, affiliate links, etc. to remove them from being ad insertion options.

Launch the Ezoic Chrome Extension and click Placement Service Config. A new panel will open on the left hand side of your screen where you can make configuration changes accordingly.
Within the panel activated, you will see a preview of inserted placeholders. As you apply changes to the configuration, the preview will update in real-time.

If the placement service is disabled, the configured ad placeholders will also be disabled and no longer available, but will re-appear if the service is re-enabled.

Read this Support Guide for more info.