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April 12, 2021

Make sure your pages are loading fast and providing an optimal experience for your visitors with the Ezoic Chrome Extension - Leap function which has five main sections:

1. Alerts - Leap will scan the page and detect important issues that need to be addressed. The most important points that you should address to improve site performance will be shown in this Alerts section.
2. LCP - see a Largest Contentful Paint rating for the page you’re on, rated from Poor to Good with anything in between being marked as “needs improvement”. If a page has an LCP that is “poor” or “needs improvement” you can use the ‘Highlight LCP Element’ tool to see the element on your page that is responsible for slowing down your LCP. This can be toggled on and off according to your preference.
3. CLS - see a Cumulative Layout Shift score for the page you’re on, rated from Poor to Good. The tab also contains a selection of tools to help you debug and improve your CLS scores.
4. Technology - view all the technologies that are being used on the page you’re on. In order to improve your Core Web Vitals you will want to pay attention to the technologies that are marked as “Not Recommended” or “Needs Improvement”. You can view alternatives to these technologies via the Technologies tab in the Leap section of your Ezoic dashboard.
5. Debug CDN - use the debugger tool to identify caching issues for the current page

By using these tools you can immediately see your page performance improve with along with values from Lighthouse directly.