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March 24, 2023

The Setup Wizard will guide you through each of Leap's optimization settings by category, providing detailed insight into each individual setting along the way and allowing you to enable settings as you go.

The settings that are changed inside of the Setup Wizard will not be visible to your site's visitors until they are activated at the end of the process, and they will be discarded if you press the red "cancel" button at any point.

At the end of each settings category, you will be able to optionally see a preview of your site at that stage with your current optimization settings active. If there are any unexpected results from Leap's optimization settings, these can usually be corrected through the exclusion rules for the settings.

You can revisit any setting category at any point by using the available navigation.

Access the Setup Wizard by clicking the "Use Setup Wizard" button under the Optimize tab.
Or, during initial setup find it under “Set Up Myself”.

We are excited to continue making improvements to the Setup Wizard. Please click here to provide feedback on your experience.