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Niche IQ

November 30, 2020

Experiment with different titles to see which gives you a better SEO score in 5 easy steps:

1. Create Test Group - keep your tests organized by grouping them with a meaningful name.

2. Add Tests - search for URLs or select from the list of Popular Pages.

3. Add Titles - input different titles you want to test for the URL. Save & Start the test (this option is only available if you have less than 3 tests running or have an active Premium subscription). Alternatively, you can save the test and start it later.

4. Start Test!

5. View Completed Results - view results from your test at anytime after starting it.The final wining title will be automatically shown on your page once the test is finished. You can change it by clicking the edit button beside the "Title to be displayed on URL".

Search engines rank titles with relevant content higher than titles with mismatched content, making title tags a crucial part of how sites appeared in search results. Using the right title improves click-through rates, decreases bounce rates and increases traffic.